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CPAP PRO II’s double mouthpiece eliminates painful chin straps and full face masks so you can sleep comfortably!

Eliminate chin straps and full face masks

with this revolutionary product!

No more straps or the need for full face masks while also increasing your CPAP effectiveness by preventing open mouth breathing. Prevent facial sores and cut down on the awful straps. Achieve comfort AND improved health!


There is a better way to sleep.

With minimal face contact, you can move about freely & sleep peacefully all night long.

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Unlike engineers from huge respiratory companies that design masks, but never have had to endure the torture of use, CPAP PRO II® has been used nightly by the inventor for the last 18 years, continuously being improved to maximize his own personal comfort. Without annoying straps or headgear, the CPAP PRO II® makes CPAP more tolerable by eliminating the pain, sores and claustrophobic panic feelings of conventional CPAP breathing devices and CPAP machines.  CPAP PRO II® is much lighter weight than traditional face masks and its design minimizes skin contact so that it is far easier to forget that it is there.

CPAP PRO II® works with all CPAP, BiPAP, and PAP systems. Each individual with respect to tolerating CPAP pressure is unique, and in most instances nasal pillow CPAP interfaces are recommend with pressures 13 or less. However we do have patients using CPAP PRO II® at pressures in the 18-20 range with good results! At higher prescribed CPAP pressures it would be advisable to consult with your sleep specialist.

Directly under the nasal puffs on each tube there is an exhalation hole. These holes are surrounded by a unique foam ring with millions of microscopic air holes. The exhaled air is silently diffused through these foam rings without blowing into your face.

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Years of research, testing, and hard work has produced the most comfortable CPAP device ever. The CPAP PRO II® has revolutionized slumber for sleep apnea sufferers everywhere. End the nightly torture of CPAP masks with this superiorly design & minimally invasive nasal interface. You can move freely & sleep peacefully again, even if you’re an open mouth breather. The double mouthpiece eliminates the need for straps so you can sleep comfortably again.

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As a fellow CPAP sufferer I spent many nights tortured by my CPAP mask. I tried everything to stop the pain and torture but nothing worked. I knew I had to do something so as a successful inventor of other products I went to work. The result is the wonderful CPAP PRO and no more pain!

I invented the CPAP Pro

because I couldn’t stand CPAP masks.

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