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Medicare Deductible Policy

Hello to all and Happy Holidays!

As the new year approaches, we would like to share details about our Medicare Deductible Policy, effective January 1, 2024.

We bill Traditional Medicare but not Medicare Advantage claims. If your Explanation of Benefits comes from an insurance company other than Medicare, you likely have a Medicare Advantage Insurance Policy. Please note that we are not in network with other insurance companies.

It is important to know that Medicare allows you to receive a CPAP machine every five years. For the maskless CPAP Pro, you can get one mask every 90 days, and nasal pillows can be refilled at two pairs per month. Check with your Medicare Advantage Insurance policy for reimbursement procedures.

The 2024 Medicare deductible is $240. The allowed amount for a mask, a three-month supply of nasal pillows, and a main hose is approximately $240 (amounts vary by zip code). This goes towards your deductible, your deductible is now met. While you still have a deductible, we will charge you $120 instead of the allowed Medicare amount of $240. This is a savings of $120 for you, our valued patient!

If we are billing Medicare for your CPAP Pro mask and accessories, please note that we do not bill Medicare Advantage plans. Many patients switch to an MA plan without realizing it is not Traditional Medicare. Avoid this situation by checking your plan before January 2024.

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Our best wishes to all our patients during the holidays. Here's to a good night's sleep! Look for our holiday specials. We are always here to help; feel free to submit your questions, and we will do our best to answer them!

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