Inspire or CPAPPro? What You Must Know!

The unique CPAPPro “NoMask” solution was invented by an actual sleep apnea patient after years of frustration wearing typical CPAP masks. The CPAPPro is designed to be a less invasive device as it is a non-surgical option that does not require an implant, yet solves the major complaints most sleep apnea sufferers have. 

On the other hand, Inspire is a type of implantable device. It is implanted under the skin and sends electrical impulses to the tongue and other muscles to keep the airway open during sleep.

While Inspire is an effective treatment for sleep apnea, it requires implantation surgery, which can be invasive and involve risks. Additionally, not all patients with sleep apnea are candidates for this type of device.

Therefore, the CPAPPro is considered a better option for most patients with sleep apnea as it is non-surgical, less invasive, and can be very effective in treating the condition. Thousands of sleep apnea patients are sleeping comfortable nightly with our CPAPPro “NoMask” solution!  Will you be one of them?