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Will My Insurance or Medicare Cover My CPAP Mask & Supplies?

Per your "Explanation of Benefits", who is the insurance company that processes your claim? Medicare or another insurance company? If your answer is "Medicare", you have Traditional Medicare and we can process and bill your order for you. Call Our Medicare Specialists at (805) 426-3544 X252

If you don't have traditional Medicare and are currently receiving your CPAP mask from a local CPAP supplier, just ask them to include CPAP Pro on your next refill. Most CPAP Suppliers carry CPAP Pro or have access to us with a simple phone call.  Stevenson Industries does provide wholesale pricing for medical equipment providers.  If for some reason your local supplier doesn't carry CPAP Pro, we recommend Nationwide Medical, as they bill private insurance and ship nationwide.

To help our other patients use their insurance to their fullest benefit, we have decided to include this general information for filing an insurance claim on your own behalf for your CPAP mask.. Please Note: Medicare does not allow patients to submit claims on their own behalf. These claims must be billed from a medical equipment company with a Medicare provider number.  If you are currently getting supplies through a local supplier, just request CPAP Pro through them with your next refill order.  They can provide you with CPAP Pro and if they say they do not stock it, request that they order it for you.  They are obligated to get you the mask that you request.  If you have any questions about this process you can call us to help.

Please Note:  Stevenson Industries, Inc. can only provide general instructions for our patients. We cannot determine the policies and procedures for each insurance company and therefore cannot guarantee that this information is accurate for your specific policy. Please verify the following information with your company prior to filing a claim.

General Instructions

  • Contact the members services department of your insurance company directly to ensure that they allow subscribers to submit claims for medical expenses purchased out-of-pocket (such as the CPAP supplies you purchased through Stevenson Industries, Inc.).
  • When speaking with the representative from your insurance, ask them on what type of form they require you to submit your claim information.
  • Complete the form required, including the billing and qualifying information used by insurance companies to process claims (see below: HCPCS codes, Diagnosis Codes, and Tax ID numbers).
  • Attach a copy of your invoice from Stevenson Industries, Inc.with appropriate HCPCS billing code(s) based on your purchase(s).
  • Submit the claim form and invoice to your insurance company in the method they prescribe (most require you mail; some will allow you to fax).
  • Wait for reimbursement. Generally, insurance companies say they can complete claims within 30 business days. Check with your company for their specific turnaround time.

Required Billing Codes

HCPCS Billing Codes The following HCPCS codes are used by insurance companies to process claims. Please use the appropriate code on your claim form to ensure timely processing.

A7034 - Nasal Mask

A7033 - Nasal Pillows

Physician Diagnosis Code Insurance companies require you provide a code associated with your specific medical diagnosis. The diagnosis code for Obstructive Sleep Apnea is G47.33. Use Modifier "NU" for your new purchase. To ensure that you have the correct code for your diagnosis, contact your physician.

Our Company Information Your insurance company may require information about Stevenson Industries Inc. to process your claim. The requested information is below:

Stevenson Industries, Inc.

5142 North Commerce Ave. Suite D
Moorpark, CA 93021
Phone: 805-426-3544
Tax ID Number: 95-2542635